Shop Process

Completed and approved drawings are released to the Shop for fabrication.The heads of each department meet with the designers to review the project and plans, discuss any unique situation or need, and generally ensure that all areas are to ADM standards.Hardwood is milled to create face frames, doors, drawer fronts, and panels.High quality premium grade prefinished maple plywood is cut for cabinet boxes.

Assembly begins for face frames, doors, drawer fronts and boxes.After assembly, face frames, doors and drawer fronts are hand sanded and rubbed for a smooth protective surface. Wood that is to be painted will be primed.Face frames are attached to the boxes and moved to the staging area.

To ensure a smooth installation, your entire kitchen is set up in our staging area. Floor units are set and wall unites are hung. Doors and drawers are fitted to openings and hinged in place. Slides, drawers and specialty interiors are installed.As part of our strict quality control, all work is thoroughly inspected before it is delivered.


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